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Current Research Programs

At any given time, there are new programs and studies being added at ARDEC. Some of the current and long-term projects being conducted are:

Program or Study

Contact w/e-mail link

Beet Breeding (USDA-ARS)

Lee Panella

Biological and Ecological Basis for Weed Management (ISRS Study)

Andrew Norton *

Ecological Physiology and Integrated Control of Various Crops

Dwayne Westfall **

Rajiv Khosla **

Corn Silage Variety Testing

Jerry Johnson **

Curra Clover Ground Cover Study

Joe Brummer **

Evaluating Methods for Determining When or How to use Fertilizer (USDA-ARS)

Ardell Halvorson

Forest Pathology

Bill Jacobi *

Genetic Improvement of Beans for Yield, Pest Resistance and Food Value

Mark Brick **

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Frank Peairs *

Irrigation Water Optimization Project (IWOP)

Neil Hansen **

Management of and Genetic Resistance to Agricultural Pests

Frank Peairs *

Sustainable Agriculture

Jessica Davis **

Weed Management for Onion Production in Colorado

Scott Nissen *

Weed Shift Study

Phil Westra *

Wheat Breeding Project

Scott Haley **

Wheat Genetics

Pat Byrne **

Vegetable Disease Management

Howard Schwartz **

Continuous Programs

Demonstration and Education Center

Jack Fenwick *

Rotational Crops

Chris Fryrear


* Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management

** Soil and Crop Sciences

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