ARDEC has 11 full-time staff members to manage all operations and facilities. In addition, students are hired year-round to help with day-to-day livestock and farm/field operations.

There are scientists based at the University who provide research leadership and support for some of the programs carried out at this Center. Cooperating departments include Animal Sciences, Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, and Soil and Crop Sciences. In addition, we join in cooperative efforts with Extension Specialists and Natural Resource Conservation Service Scientists.

wdt_ID Title Name E-mail address Phone Phone 2
1 Operations Manager Jennifer Bornhoft 970-491-2544 970-988-9245
2 Office Coordinator Brenda Williams 970-491-2405
3 Plant Science Coordinator Karl Whitman 970-491-2439 970-567-1919
4 Research Associate-Crop/Plant Operation Mark Collins 970-491-2439 970- 567-7056
5 Research Associate-Crop/Plant Operation J. R. Herman ? 970-491-2439 970-988-7627
6 Research Associate-Crop/Plant Operation Gabe Whitman 970-491-2439 970-567-1155
7 Livestock Coordinator Dave Schafer 970-491-2815 970- 821-5504
8 Research Associate-Livestock Operation Harry Clark 970-491-2815 530-305-3198
9 Research Associate-Livestock Operation Christina Nash 970-491-2815 720-495-7400
10 Shop Manager Tyler Johnson 970-491-2149 970-889-3249
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